Cars tend to be a big expense in most people's budgets, especially with the price of gas constantly going up. With a few tweaks here and there you can save quite a bit of cash that you would normally be spending on your car. Gas is just one of the expenses that you can cut with proper maintenance and care. Do you fill your car with the higher priced Premium gas when you get to the pump? The fact of the matter is that most cars will run just fine on Regular and you can save several cents per gallon. This really adds up over a week of filling up! While tune ups are good for keeping your car in top condition, they might not be necessary as often as you think. If your dealer tells you to come in more often than the owner's manual does, ignore him and go with the factory advice. Car dealers will often advise more frequent tune ups to get more money out of you, so avoid being ripped off and listen to the factory schedule instead. Do a price comparison when you need work done on your car. Don't just assume that the dealer is the only one who can fix it. Dealerships will usually charge a marked up price on any repairs done to your vehicle and by simply shopping around, you can save yourself a bundle! Changing your oil frequently can be a waste of money, too. Depending on how you use your car, it might not be necessary to change the oil more than twice a year. Check your ownership manual to see if there is an alternative schedule for cars that are not used as often and which don't have high-powered engines. You should also do price checks on this simple service since outside service shops usually offer a better deal than the dealership. Keep your tires in good condition and full of air. It's good practice to regularly check the air pressure in your tires and top them up at least every three to four weeks. This keeps your car running smoother and helps save on gas since deflated tires can actually cause more drag. Another very simple way to save money with your car is to wash and detail it yourself. Instead of paying a shop to do it for ten dollars, why not save the money and spend a Saturday afternoon outside with your kids? Washing the car can be a fun way to cool down and you can save nearly $50 a month with a weekly do-it-yourself wash. Cars may be big expenses, but if you know how, you can reduce the amount that you spend on your car. Imagine how much better it would be to spend that money on something else instead!